Zemana AntiLogger Software Free Download with 1 Year Serial Number [Softpedia Giveaway]

Zemana AntiLogger is a top-rated anti-keylogger software specifically designed to detect keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware, and more harmful Data-stealing malware which cannot be neutralized with traditional antivirus solutions due to out-of-date, signature-based algorithms. The program don’t rely on virus signature updates and file scanning like the traditional anti-virus programs do. Instead, with very strong reactions, it assures security by proactive solutions, which monitor the malicious processes in real time by their known or predicted actions and takes immediate reaction when malware try to act on your computer and block them.

While Zemana AntiLogger is a good addition to your firewall and anti virus programs which do not guarantee reliable protection against “zero day” threats, I have to pointed out that Zemana AntiLogger is not a replacement for traditional antivirus and antispywares but it only adds an extra layer of security by working in conjunction with your security softwares.

zemana antilogger software

Zemana AntiLogger Software Key Features:

  • Secure your Internet banking and financial transactions
  • Protect information in emails and Instant Messages
  • Anti-SSL Logger (First in World) Protects all operations that use SSL protocol.
  • Anti-WebCam Logger (First in World) Prevents any harmful applications from monitoring your Web Camera.
  • Anti-Key Logger Prevents all harmful applications from logging your keystrokes.
  • Anti-ClipBoard Logger Prevents harmful applications from taking snapshots of your clipboard.
  • Anti-Screen Logger Prevents harmful applications from capturing pictures and images of your computer screen.
  • System Defence Prevents any harmful applications that can effect your system
  • Windows® Vista, XP and 7 compatible

Zemana Antilogger isn’t a freeware. Its normal price is US $34.00. The good news is Softpedia is now running a promotion for the software. Zemana Antilogger 1 Year Serial Number is being given away to anyone. As always, this offer is valid for a limited time only. Get your key, while there’s still time.

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Zemana AntiLogger Software 1 Year Serial Number - Softpedia Giveaway

2. You will find the Serial Number / License key for the full, unlimited use version of  Zemana AntiLogger Software along with the download link in the following page.

Zemana AntiLogger Free 1 Year Serial Number Download3. Download and activate AntiLogger.

Download and Activate Zemana AntiLogger

To install or uninstall Zemana Antilogger, you must have administrator rights on the computer.


  • Keep in mind, still, that this promotion won’t last forever. So, before it ends, you should grab the free key code quickly.
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