ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 Free Download with 1 Year Serial Number

ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012 is a multilayered security suite to keep your PC, identity and everything you do online safe. Antivirus plus behavioral and cloud technologies protect your PC. Further protection comes with anti-phishing, anti-spam, parental controls, online backup, and identity protection services.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012

Check Point Software Technologies, the company behind ZoneAlarm, still does not submit its products to either AV-Comparatives or AV-Test, two major independent testing organizations in the industry. But we (mostiwant) dare to say that ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012 is one of the best internet security suites available in the market. Since  ZoneAlarm has been renowned for its outstanding firewall and antispyware products for years, and more important ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 continues to utilize the Kaspersky antivirus engine, globally known antivirus software, in real time and on-demand mode against viruses, spam, spyware, malicious downloads and other internet security threats. And other additional features like Anti-Spam Filter, Parental Controls, Advanced Download Protection, Online Backup, Credit Monitoring, Anti-phishing and Site Status, make ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012 among the top software.

The disadvantages of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 that a lot people complain about is that, this program in this version has taken away user control over individual programs which make it less user friendly than the previous versions. Moreover, it is also known to Very noticeably slow down or even crash the system on some computers.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 Key Features

  1. Advanced Firewall – Monitors programs for suspicious behavior spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus protection.
  2. Antivirus/Spyware Scan Engine – Detects and remove viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits.
  3. Advanced Download Protection – Analyzes downloads using patent-pending technology and warns you if a download is malicious – stopping it from infecting your PC.
  4. Credit Monitoring – Protects your identity with daily credit report monitoring, and also provides victim-recovery services.
  5. Two-way Firewall – Locks out hackers, blocks intrusions and makes your PC invisible online.
  6. Anti-Spam – Filters out annoying and potentially dangerous email.
  7. Parental Controls – Filters and blocks inappropriate websites and chat rooms and limits time spent online.
  8. Online Backup – Backs up files and restores your data in the event of hardware malfunction.
  9. Anti-phishing and Site Status – Blocks phishers, authenticates websites, and warns you if a site is dangerous.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 Free Download with 1 Year Serial Number

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012  normally costs 39.95 for 1-Year License Key / Serial Number on up to 3 PCs, and come with a free 30 days trial like other security software.  If you don’t like the usual 30 days trial, then here is a chance for you to download ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 with 1 Year Serial Number for free.

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ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 Free 1 Year Serial Number


  • You need to enter a Credit Card info to verify that you are a new customer during the order. I just entered a  false one.
  • Your order includes ZoneAlarm automatic renewal after the free 1 year subscription. You will be charged for this so make sure to cancel the Automatic Renewal if you entered a real a Credit Card info. You can cancel by going to Subscription Manager in MY ACCOUNT or by contacting ZoneAlarm Customer Service.