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Zoolz Free 100GB Cloud Storage for Lifetime

Zoolz is an affordable cloud storage service that will help you to securely backup and easily manage all of your documents in the cloud. Zoolz makes it easy to backup, access and share all your files easily from the web, Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch anytime anywhere. You can also preview all your photos, stream your backed up music and videos on smartphones that are stored on your Windows PCs, Mac, external and network drives. Your backup is secure and durable thanks to 3 levels of encryption, deduplication, a powerful backend residing on Amazon AWS, and more.

Today’s giveaway gives you 100GB of Cloud Storage on Zoolz at no cost, for life. With Zoolz 100GB Free Lifetime, you’ll be able to safeguard your most important files, photos, and documents, while enjoying no bandwidth limitations and super quick uploading. Best of all, your files are meant to be stored for life and can be retrieved within three to five hours after the request is made.

Key Features:

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